Medical Director, Medical Genetics, University Hospital Basel Head Medical Genetics Diagnostic Laboratory, section constitutional/molecular cytogenetics Head of Research Group Clinical Genomics of congenital developmental disorders, Department of Clinical Research (DKF), Universitätsspital Basel Honorary associate Faculty member, Department of Medical Genetics University of British Columbia, UBC; Vancouver, Canada
University Hospital Basel
+41 61 265 36 20
Clinical Research Group
PD Dr. med. Isabel Filges FMH/FAMH Medizinische Genetik
Research Focus
Endocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Area of Research
Clinical genomics of congenital developmental disorders

My overall goal is to bridge clinical genetics to genomics and basic science using a translational and interdisciplinary approach, and to ultimately establish genomics in clinical practice in order to improve patient care.

We focus on clinical genomics, combining both in-depth phenotyping and new genomic technologies such as microarray and exome/genome sequencing for gene identification in developmental disorders, since in my postnatal and prenatal medical genetics and related interdisciplinary clinics we see an important number of patients with congenital anomalies of unknown cause.

My recent research expands to the identification of genes and pathways playing a role in early human development and phenotypes specific to fetal life.

Research Team
Nicole Meier
PhD Candidate
Phone: --
Dipl. med. Dorothea Wand
Senior Registrar
Phone: +41 61 265 36 20