Daniel Bolliger

Prof. Dr. med.
Daniel Bolliger

Chief Physician Anaesthesiology

University Hospital Basel

Phone +41 61 328 64 23



Research Focus

Cardiovascular & Perioperative Medicine

Area of Research

Perioperative cardiac biomarkers/Perioperative cardiac risk stratification
Perioperative coagulation disorders/Patient blood management
Perioperative echocardiography

Approved Research Projects

National PI for the METREPAIR study (international multicenter study)

Local Co-PI for Copeptin Study (international two-center study)

Evaluation of PBM in hip surgery (senior investigator)


National Collaborations

  • Prof. C. Müller (CRIB, University Hospital Basel)
  • Prof. A. Buser (Regional Blood Services, Basel)
  • Prof. M. Siegemund (Intensive Care Unit, University Hospital Basel)
  • Prof. O. Pfister (Cardiology, University Hospital Basel)
  • Prof. L. Bonati (Stroke Unit, University Hospital Basel)
  • PD Dr. G. Erdös (Department of Cardiac Anesthesiology, University Hospital Berne, Switzerland)
  • Prof. B. Walder (Anesthesiology, Hospital Universitaire Geneve (HUG))

International Collaborations

  • PD Giovanna Lurati (University Hospital Düsseldorf, Germany)
  • Prof. K.A. Tanaka (Department of Anesthesiology, University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
  • Prof. P. Wouters (Cardiac Anesthesia, University Hospital Ghent, Belgium)
  • Prof. D. Mazer (Department of Anesthsia, St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto)

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Perioperative high-sensitivity troponin screening in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery (together with Prof. Ch. Müller)
  • TRICS-III extended (long-term follow-up of TRICS-III trial)
  • ROTEM in cardiac surgery
  • Fentanyl in cardiac surgery (evaluation of opioid-induced hyperalgesia with different doses and regimens of intraoperative fentanyl)

Research Team

PD Dr. Eckhard Mauermann


Phone +41 61 328 73 87

Firmin Kamber 

Candidate doctoral thesis

Phone +41 61 265 74 23

Marie-Sophie Gauger

Master Student

Phone +41 61 265 74 23

Esther Seeberger

Head study Nurse 

Phone +41 61 328 74 24

Cäcilia Jäger 

Master Student

Phone +41 61 265 74 23

Philip Kaufmann

Master Student

Phone +41 61 265 74 23