Peter Weber

Prof. Dr. med.
Peter Weber

Senior Physician Neuro- and Developmental Pediatrics

University Children's Hospital Basel

+41 61 704 12 12



Research Focus


Area of Research

Neuropsychology, especially in the field of childhood epilepsy, developmental disorders, especially ADHD, prematurity, multiple sclerosis in adolescence and anorexia nervosa

Approved Research Projects

  • Auditory event-related responses in neonates: a discriminative and prognostic parameter for prediction of early cognitive development in preterm and asphyctic infants ?
  • Developmental coordination disorder in children with autism spectrum disorder
  • Dosage changes during long-term observation in children treated by baclofen
  • Course of timing of diagnosis of infantile autism - a 10-year retrospective observational study
  • Early intervention in infantil autism: effects on sensory and motor development
  • Bad news: stress experience of parents caused by communication of the diagnosis of childhood epilepsy


    National Collaborations

    • PD Dr. Ch. Korff, Univ. Children's Hospital Geneva
    • Prof A. Grob, Institute of Psychology, University of Basel
    • Dr. S. Ludyga; Departement für Sport, Bewegung und Gesundheit (DSBG)

    International Collaborations

    • Prof. S. Lemola, Univ. Warwick, UK
    • Prof. Deb Pal, Kings College, London, UK
    • Prof. Osborn, ICISS Study, Bath, UK

    Ongoing Research Projects

    • Collaboration center of international industry-sponsored Migraine study “A Phase 3, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, parallel group study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of AMG 334 in children (6 to < 12 Years) and adolescents (12 to < 18 Years) With Episodic Migraine” (PW local PI) – ongoing study
    • Basler Study of Preterm Children (PI: S. Lemola, Univ. Warwick – collaboration partner)
    • CHIPMANC-Study (PI: S. Ludyga, Departement für Sport, Bewegung und Gesundheit (DSBG) ; Univ. Basel, - collaborating partner ) ( – ongoing study
    • Judo as adjunct therapy for children with ADHD: neurocognitive effects on executive function (PI: S. Ludyga, Departement für Sport, Bewegung und Gesundheit (DSBG), University of Basel - collaborating partner – ongoing study

    Research Team

    PD Dr. med. Alexandre Datta

    Co-PI, Physician

    Phone +41 61 704 12 12

    Dr. Nadine Oser

    Research Fellow

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    Dr. med. Mark Brotzmann


    Phone +41 61 704 12 12

    Dr. Martina Hubacher

    Research Fellow

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    Annette Nageleisen-Weiss

    Research Fellow

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