Dragos Inta

Prof. Dr. med. 
Dragos Inta

Senior Physician Adult Psychiatry

University Psychiatric Clinic Basel

Phone +41 61 265 46 13



Research Focus


Area of Research

To study the mechanisms of psychiatric disorders, in particular affective disorders and psychoses, and the effectiveness of innovative therapies. Focus on glutamatergic psychotropic drugs (ketamine, D-serine). Role of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis in the postnatal brain in the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders. Translational Psychiatry.

Approved Research Projects

Speaker, SNF Sinergia (Partner: PD Dr. Bettina Wölnerhanssen, Basel; Prof. Stefan Borgwardt, Basel; Prof. John Cryan, Cork, Irland), “Understanding gut-brain interactions and the effect of dietary measures in obesity and depression: a translational study”, total volume CHF 2,6 Mio


National Collaborations

International Collaborations

Ongoing Research Projects

Speaker, ERA-NET NEURON (EU-Horizon 2020) "SynapticDysfunction in Disorders of the Central Nervous System" (Partner: Prof. Stefan Borgwardt, Basel; Prof. Hannah Monyer, Heidelberg; Prof. Ole Andreassen, Oslo; Prof. Uriel Heresco-Levy, Jerusalem; Dr. Raul Muresan, Cluj)  „Understanding psychosis, cognitive impairment and motor symptoms induced by NMDA receptor dysfunction: from mechanisms to prevention and therapy (NMDAR-PSY)“,  total volume 1,1 Mio Euro

DFG IN 168/3-1 (with Prof. Gass und Prof. Andreas Draguhn, Institute for Physiology, Heidelberg) „Die Rolle der abnormen NMDA Rezeptor-vermittelten Transmission in spezifischen neuronalen Populationen in dem postnatalen Ausbruch der Psychose“ (443.500 Euro)

Ingeborg-Ständer-Stiftung (with Dr. Rolf Sprengel, Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg) „Deciphering the role of glutamatergic mechanisms in inhibitory versus excitatory neurons in inducible pharmacogenetic mouse models of schizophrenia“ (180.000 Euro)


Research Team

Dr. med. Elisabeht Lang

Scientific Physician

Phone +41 61 325 56 46


Renate De Bock


Phone +41 61 325 81 57