Clinical Research Day 2020

Video: Impressions from Clinical Research Day 2020

Video: Impressions from Clinical Research Day 2020



Congratulations to all winners!


Best oral presentations

1. Price - Marcus Mumme
„Regeneration of knee cartilage lesions using nasal chondrocytes-engineered grafts: Phase-II study“


2. Price - Clara Sailer
„Empagliflozin increases plasma sodium levels in patients with the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuresis“

3. Price - Alexandros Polymeris
„Serum neurofilament light is associated with cognitive dysfunction in atrial fibrillation patients"

Best poster presentations

1. Price - Hanna Schmid
„Perioperative Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Paediatric Appendectomies in Switzerland“

1. Price - Bettina Winzeler
„Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists modulate fluid intake in patients with primary polydipsia“

2. Price - Maria Janina Wendebourg
„Spinal Cord Gray Matter Atrophy in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – a Novel Imaging Biomarker?“

2. Price - Lara Hersberger
„Nutritional risk screening (NRS 2002) is a strong and modifiable predictor risk score for short-term and long-term clinical outcomes: Secondary analysis of a prospective randomised trial “

3. Price - Milica Popovic
„Effects of interleukin-1 receptor antagonism on copeptin levels in men with the metabolic syndrome “

3. Price - Martin Hardmeier
„Multimodal evoked potentials in primary progressive MS: Patients at pisk for disease progression“

Clinical Research Day is the start of the new research year at the Department of Clinical Research (DKF). In line with the DKF's scientific culture, Clinical Research Day provides knowledge and inspiration for the scientific work in the following months. It creates the basis for evidence-based patient care in the future with a high degree of innovation and quality.

Accordingly, the 2020 event was opened by a groundbreaking key note lecture by Prof. Ole Fröbert from the University of Örebrö (Sweden) entitled "Disruptive, low cost, nationwide randomized trials. More and better evidence for clinical medicine?". His unconventional approaches and methods provide new ideas for innovative clinical research, especially of new study designs for randomised controlled trials.

As every year, the young scientists from DKF research groups were at the focus of the scientific programme. With their short lectures and poster presentations, they have offered an interesting overview of current academic research projects. The three best oral presentations and the three best poster presentations heve been awarded at the legendary Mojito Research Party. Please find the winners above.

Programm final