Patient involvment in clinical research

Promotion of engagement and participation of study participants

Patients are the most important partners in clinical research. They commit their time and place great trust in the study team. Their contribution to the success of research projects is crucial, regardless of whether they actively participate in a clinical study or make their data and samples available to research. They themselves usually have no predictable benefits from participating in a study, but have expectations and needs.

We specifically advocate opportunities for patient participation in clinical research and support research groups in their efforts.


European patient academy for education and training

To enhance the ability of patients to understand and participate in medical research and development and to make objective, reliable and patient-friendly information available to the public.

DKF support
Founding member and member of the Executive Board

Study advertisements

Well designed information materials in lay language

To support study teams in recruiting study participants with clear and appealing information materials.

DKF support
Design, getting approval by ethics committees, print, social media postings