Development & Innovation

Our department leads several regional and national innovation projects on the development of research infrastructures for academic clinical research.

On this page, we present some of the most important projects and report on their progress.

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Action on Transparency: Study registration at University Hospital Basel

In close collaboration with the DKF, the University Hospital of Basel (USB) is breaking new ground to promote the publication of clinical studies. A programme titled "Study scandal" aired on the "Puls" show on the Swiss television channel SRF at the beginning of February. It referred to the large number of clinical trials in Switzerland, which, according to the programme's research, end up being stowed away unpublished.

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The registration rate of prospective studies at USB has more than doubled since researchers were supported in collecting and maintaining study data in public registries.

eConsent: basis for future reserach projects

Every day, hospitals produce countless health-related data and samples that could provide useful information for everyday medical practice if used and evaluated correctly. Patients are overwhelmingly willing to make their data available for research. The consent - and refusal of consent - of each and every individual must nevertheless be carefully documented and managed.

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The DKF is working on a patient-friendly solution that complies with data protection regulations. It is the prerequisite for researchers to be able to use data sensibly and profitably for research projects in the future.

Research using data from clinical practice

How can the innumerable health-related information generated daily in a hospital be used meaningfully and to the advantage of future generations of patients? The DKF together with the ICT Department of the University Hospital Basel has established processes to facilitate the procurement of datasets for clinical research projects. Researchers at the USB will have a sigle point of contact for such inquiries, where they can also obtain comprehensive advice on research with data and samples collected in routine practice.

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The standardised processes are intended to ensure that researchers can use data from routine clinical examinations to find answers to urgent patient-relevant research questions as efficiently as possible.

Tailor-made solutions for statistics and data management

At the DKF, the statistical tool R is being optimised for use in clinical research. R is a programming environment for statistical calculations and graphics that can be used and adapted in many ways.

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R Logo

The R Project for Statistical Computing: R is an open source software environment for statistical calculations and graphics. At the DKF, R is used to run analyses for clinical studies efficiently and in a standardised fashon.

New service: Individual statistics apps

Innovative solutions have already been developed for several clinical research groups and their individual studies by the DKF Data Analysis team.

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 Video Statistik-Apps

Michael Coslovsky, PhD, Service Manager Data Analysis/Statistics explains the advantages of individual statistics apps.


A detailed report on this project will follow soon.