The spectrum of research topics is multifaceted and allows the correct patient-relevant questions to be examined in an academic setting.

DKF Clinical Research Groups

The clinical research groups form the basis of our department. While all groups choose their research focus and topics freely, we support them actively with different services and free-of-charge consulting. 

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board provides guidance on scientific and strategic issues. In addition, it regularly carries out a structured evaluation of the research achievements of our clinical research groups. In 2019, all groups listed under the main research areas "Endocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders" and "Clinical Epidemiology, Public Health & Health Systems" will be assessed.

Inquire Framework

We present INQUIRE (INcreasing QUality In patient-oriented academic clinical REsearch), a consensus-based framework that supports researchers and institutions to increase efficiency and quality of patient-oriented research at all study stages, i.e. from conceptualization of the research question to reporting of study results and knowledge translation. INQUIRE provides orientation for the assessment of clinical research quality and the development of quality enhancement initiatives for stakeholders in the clinical research arena. 

Find out more and download the interactive framework document here.

INQUIRE was published in «PLOS Medicine».
Read the article «Academic response to improving value and reducing waste: A comprehensive framework for INcreasing QUality In patient-oriented academic clinical REsearch (INQUIRE)» here.

Research Using Patient Data & Samples

Research Methodology & Innovation

We support targeted empirical research on topics related to quality improvement in clinical trials with a separate research group led by PD Dr. med. Matthias Briel.