Outpatient Study Centre


Important Information on COVID-19 pandemic

  • The Outpatient Study Centre (ASZ) remains closed until further notice.

  • Current information on the conduct of clinical studies during the COVID-19 pandemic is available here.
  • The DKF experts are still available to answer your questions. However, we switch all consulting services to telephone and videoconferencing.
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23 March 2020

In the Outpatient Study Centre (ASZ), rooms and infrastructure are available for the care of study participants away from everyday routine practice. Treatments can be carried out at any time on an outpatient basis and as overnight stays.

Pediatric Outpatient Study Centre

The University Children's Hospital of Basel (UKBB) also has a specially trained team available to provide practical help and professional support in the implementation of selected clinical trials with children and adolescents. It is part of the Swiss Pediatric Research Network Swiss PedNet.

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