Outpatient Study Centre

In the Outpatient Study Centre (ASZ), rooms and infrastructure are available for the care of study participants away from everyday routine practice. Treatments can be carried out at any time on an outpatient basis and as overnight stays.

Open Consultation

The ASZ premises can be visited at recurring open consultation sessions every Tuesday. Researchers can review the facilities and discuss the possibilities for use and associated services with our On Site Management team.

The ASZ offers a modern infrastructure, which enables a clinical study to be carried out away from routine hospital operations. The infrastructure includes laboratory facilities, rooms with examination chairs or patient beds, a kitchen and lounges. Medical equipment and supplies such as blood pressure monitors, ECG devices, temperature-controlled centrifuges and infusomats are also provided. Medication and samples can be stored as needed at room temperature, in refrigerators and in freezers (-20 and -80 degrees Celsius), all temperature-controlled and monitored.

Upon request, the Department of Clinical Research (DKF) study nurses can support study teams. They have many years of experience in the planning, conduct and coordination of clinical studies in various therapeutic areas. In addition, they are trained according to uniform education and quality standards.

You can visit the Outpatient Study Centre

every Tuesday 12.30-13.30
Schanzenstrasse 55, 4031 Basel, 1st floor, office 079

or by appointment by phone +41 61 328 66 11.

Pediatric Outpatient Study Centre

The University Children's Hospital of Basel (UKBB) also has a specially trained team available to provide practical help and professional support in the implementation of selected clinical trials with children and adolescents. It is part of the Swiss Pediatric Research Network Swiss PedNet.

Further Services