Data Management

We are happy to support you with the following services. Please contact us via our contact form.


Composition of the study protocol section on data management
We formulate the relevant data management information for your study protocol.

Preparation of a Data Management Plan (DMP)
We support you in the preparation of your data management plan or your data sharing statement.

Design and implementation of electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF)
We can help you design CRFs so that your data collection is simple and unambiguous, resulting in complete and accurate records.

Creation of database excerpts
We can provide you with reports and lists via our EDC system or send you professional overviews (e.g. in the form of annual reports) at regular intervals via our data centre.

Randomisation of study participants
Using our EDC system, you can assign study participants to a study arm with a mouse click. You can freely choose the type of randomization (algorithm, stratification, etc.). If required, the randomisation also takes into account startification and/or blinding (including emergency blindness).

Training on recording of study data
We will introduce you to the use of the data collection system and train the staff at the study centres.

Data preparation
We support you in formatting and preparation of data to be imported directly into the eCRF.

Data export