NCCR AntiResist: In search of new active substances

Tissue samples and disease-related data from patients suffering from resistant bacteria form the basis for the interdisciplinary research focus on antibiotic resistance. The DKF supports AntiResist by providing tools for the structured and validated collection, management and analysis of clinical data sets.

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Video in German

The National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) program aims to strengthen Swiss research in areas of strategic importance for the future of Swiss science, business and society. The programme seeks to promote research projects of the highest quality with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches, but also on new, innovative approaches within the disciplines.

Battle against antibiotic resistance
"AntiResist" is the NCCR for Antibiotics Research, which aims to develop new research approaches to better understand the biochemical and biophysical processes of bacterial pathogens in infected patients. These findings are to serve as a basis for the development of antibiotics and alternative strategies to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Basic research will be directly linked to clinical research.

Clinical data as a basis

The University Hospital Basel (USB) plays a central role in this. In the first phase of the project, the focus is on four bacterial pathogens that are particularly relevant for the clinic. For this purpose, the clinical research group of Prof. Nina Khanna, will provide, among other things, tissue samples from infected patients. These are analysed at the Biocenter using highly sensitive analytical methods and will serve as the basis for tissue culture models.

NCCR AntiResist

Research and development of new approaches to combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Home institutionUniversity of Basel (Biozentrum)

Prof. Christoph Dehio, Prof. Dirk Bumann, Prof. Urs Jenal, Biozentrum, University of Basel

Partner institutions
- ETH Zürich, EPFL Lausanne, University of Zurich, University Hospital Zürich, University of Lausanne, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
- Universitätsspital Basel, Departement Biomedizin, Departement für Biosysteme (D-BSSE)
- Roche, Polyphor and BioVersys

Funding period

SNF program
National Centres of Competence (NCCR)

 NKannah & TZumbrunn

Clinical research group leader Nina Khanna, Infektiology & Hospital Hygiene, University Hospital Basel and Thomas Zumbrunn, Head Clinical Data Centre, DKF

The Department of Clinical Research (DKF) supports Prof. Nina Khanna's research group in areas such as regulatory affairs, data management, centralized monitoring and statistics. Thomas Zumbrunn, PhD, Head of the Clinical Data Centre at the DKF, and his staff provide advice and deliver a validated database for AntiResist, in which all clinical patient data is collected, managed and checked for plausibility using centralized monitoring. In addition, the DKF is responsible for all regulatory affairs and statistical analysis of clinical data.


We bear a responsibility that should not be underestimated. Because only a structured data collection, management and analysis allows reproducible and meaningful conclusions.

Thomas Zumbrunn, PhD, Head Clinical Data Centre am DKF

September 2020