10 March 2021

Since the introduction of mandatory registration, the rate of reported prospective studies and the quality of study information has been rising continuously.

The fact that planned clinical trials are entered into public registries such as ClinicalTrials.gov increases the visibility and transparency of research. It  is therefore an important measure against the high rate of unpublished research data. Around 20-30% of the studies conducted at university hospitals in Switzerland are never published in a scientific journal. The reasons for this are manifold. For instance, studies with negative results or studies that were not completed are difficult to get published in scientific journals.

All evidence is important

Nevertheless, knowledge of study results that did not show the expected effect or of findings that led to a study not being continued is enormously important for other researchers who may be planning similar projects. Similarly, studies whose results were never published due to lack of resources can be informative. For this reason, the  International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), among others, now requires prospective registration of clinical trials as a prerequisite for subsequent publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Service for researchers

With financial support from the University Hospital Basel (USB), regulatory specialists at the DKF manage the registration of all prospective interventional and observational studies for all USB researchers. Subsequently and in collaboration with the researchers, the study information is kept up to date during the course of the respective study. In this way, the USB and DKF work together to improve transparency in clinical research.


The registration rate of prospective studies at the USB has more than doubled since researchers are supported in collecting and maintaining study data in public registries.

Service Study Registration

The Regulatory Affairs team at DKF handles the entry of all clinical trials and research projects from researchers at the University Hospital Basel (USB) into the national trial registry Swiss National Trials Portal (SNCTP) and in the international database ClinicalTrials.gov. Also, ongoing updating of trial information is taken care of. This service is free of charge.

Registration is mandatory for all prospective clinical trials at the USB.

University Hospital Basel (USB)

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