Hourly rates for Scientific Services

Valid from 1January 20241

SCIENTIFIC SERVICEInvestigator-initiated
studies/research projects
studies/research projects
Data Analysis/Statistics100190
Data Management100190
Data Science100190
IT Services100190
On-site Management85125
Project Management100190
Quality Affairs100190
Regulatory Affairs100190
Safety Management100190

1 Applies to all new contracts. The rates apply to current contracts if they are lower than the originally agreed rates.

2 For researchers at the University Hospital Basel (USB): The overhead fee of 20% on funding contributions for all new research projects introduced by the USB as of 1 January 2024 is not included in the above listed hourly rates. Therefore, the overhead fee must be invoiced directly to the sponsor.

For SNSF-funded studies/research projects separate hourly apply in agreemant with the SNSF.


Free consultation

On all issues related to the planning and conduct of clinical studies with medicinal products or medical device, of other clinical trials or of cohort projects or research with routine data.


Free-of-charge services for DKF research groups

Numerous DKF Scientific Services are available to DKF research groups free-of-charge. Please note that we need to carry out individual clarifications before.