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Development of individual software solutions

The digitalisation of medicine is advancing. Increasingly, medical apps and modern software solutions are being used for efficient study conduct, innovative treatment approaches and novel care models.

We support researchers throughout the entire process of developing such technologies. We can take over the conceptual design, requirements analysis, development, validation and operation of the application. We also support the clinical evaluation in collaboration with other DKF Scientific Services. This results in patient-centric solutions for everyday clinical use.


Consulting on collaboration with external software vendors

A good idea for a medical application is only the first of many steps necessary for the successful implementation of an app in a medical context. Thanks to our experience, we can advise you on how to collaborate with external software vendors and point out solutions to any problems at an early stage.


GCP-compliant operation of applications

For the collection of data in clinical research projects, we have established an ECRIN certified and validated IT infrastructure which can be used for the Good Clinical Practice (GCP)-compliant operation of applications. We are also happy to advise on the implementation of such an infrastructure in external institutions.

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Tips & Support

Would you like to develop a medical application yourself?

The Guide for app developers, manufacturers and distributors from eHealth Switzerland offers many practical tips.


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Free of charge for DKF research groups

  • Consulting on all issues related to the development and operation of medical applications in a research context

  • GCP-compliant operation of secuTrial® and REDCap®

  • Use of the Orca quality management system

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