24 June 2021

With the funding instrument "Wissenschaftspool Medizin", the academic clinical research of the former Department of Medicine at the University Hospital Basel was specifically supported internally.

Due to the great demand, the funding amount was gradually increased in the first years and amounted to CHF 200'000 per year from 2011 onwards. The funds were mostly used to provide additional financing for clinical study projects in specialist areas that were indispensable for the feasibility of the project but were not covered by the existing research budget. The funds were spent on support for the research projects with the specialist services of statistics, data management, on-site management (study nurses), monitoring and, in later years, project management provided by the Clinical Trial Unit at the Department of Clinical Research (DKF).

Twice a year, the submitted project proposals were evaluated in a competitive selection process by a panel of experts and the available funds were allocated. Prior to this, the type and scope of the recommended support was discussed at the DKF. In this way, 78% of the submitted applications were approved. In total, over the last ten years, 156 project proposals were submitted for 117 different research projects by a total of 67 applicants. 19 research projects were awarded funding over several years.

Expert Panel

  • Prof. Mirjam Christ-Crain (Chair, 2011-2020)
  • Prof. Christiane Pauli-Magnus (2011-2020)
  • Prof. Beat Schär (2016-2020)
  • Prof. Christian Sticherling (2011-2016)
  • Prof. Marten Trendelenburg (2011-2020)
  • Prof. Alfred Zippelius (2011-2016)

The brochure on the right provides an overview of ten years of "Wissenschaftpool Medizin" research funding. A selection of researchers presents their research projects and reports on their experiences with this internal funding instrument.