1 October 2023

After almost ten years in office, Mirjam Christ-Crain, Deputy Chief Physician Endocrinology at the University Hospital Basel (USB), is resigning from her position as Director of the DKF. She will be succeeded by Niklaus Labhardt, Chief Physician Clinical Epidemiology at the USB.

In 2014, the female duo Mirjam Christ-Crain and Christiane Pauli-Magnus started buiding up the new Department at the Medical Faculty which was founded to specifically strengthen clinical research locally. The task was to integrate the Clinical Trial Unit (CTU), which had already existed at the University Hospital Basel since 2007, and to expand it with new structures that would ensure optimal framework conditions for high-quality and patient-relevant clinical research in the academic setting.

After intensive years of development work and continuous enhancements, more than 130 research groups from all medical disciplines and spread over twelve institutions from the region are now based at the DKF. Among the most important developments in her area of responsibility, Mirjam Christ-Crain counts the introduction of the PhD program Clinical Research, the establishment of a cross-faculty definition for academic research groups and the establishment of an internationally staffed DKF Scientific Advisory Board.

Mirjam Christ-Crain



"I want the DKF and the new management to start the next ten years full of drive and optimism. May the research groups prosper and thus clinical research in Basel continue to hold a leading position nationally and internationally."

Prof. Dr. med. Mirjam Christ-Crain, Deputy Chief Physician Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at the University Hospital Basel

As of 1 October, Mirjam Christ-Crain is now stepping down from her position at the DKF in order to be able to devote herself to new tasks, especially as member of the SNSF Research Council, in addition to her clinical work as Deputy Chief Physician Endocrinology and her own research projects. The position as Head of DKF will be taken over by Niklaus Labhardt, Chief Physician Clinical Epidemiology at the University Hospital Basel. His main tasks include networking with other research-strong institutions in and around Basel and thus to strengthen and shape clinical research in the area general. In addition, he would particularly like to promote the next generation of scientists. The DKF operations of the department with the areas of Scientific Services, Outpatient Study Center and Education and Training will remain with Christiane Pauli-Magnus.

Niklaus Labhardt



"I see one of my central tasks and also challenges in guatanteeing a strong cooperation with the University Hospital Basel and with other departments of the University as well as other research-driven institutions in the region. For the DKF, this networking is not only important, it is what makes the DKF and determines how it can play a role in shaping the Basel clinical research landscape."

Prof. Dr. med. Niklaus Labhardt, Head Physician Clinical Epidemiology at the University Hospital Basel