01 November 2022

"Research with significance", "Relevance to clinical practice", "Change and impact as a goal" - these are guiding principles with which Niklaus Labhardt describes his vision for the tasks newly entrusted to him at the University of Basel and the University Hospital Basel.

Prof. Dr. med. Niklaus Labhardt took up the professorship for Clinical Epidemiology in August of this year and was appointed Chief Physician for Clinical Epidemiology and Senior Physician Infectiology at the same time. He is now leading the Division of Clinical Epidemiology, a structural unit of the Department of Clinical Research (DKF), and reorganising the competencies in the areas of research, teaching and consulting.

With its three complementary units "International Clinical and Health Service Research (ICHSR)", "CLinical research Empirical Assessment and Recommendations (CLEAR)" and "Evidence-based insurance medicine (EbIM)" (for details see website), the researchers want to make their contribution to modern health research. In addition, the competences available at the department are to be made available to other researchers at the Faculty of Medicine in the form of consulting services, especially on questions of methodological study planning and study design.

The Division of Clinical Epidemiology seeks active collaborations with other clinical research groups. This with two main goals: On the one hand, to strengthen clinical research in the Basel area as a whole and, in particular, to provide young clinical researchers with a supportive environment and network. On the other hand, to ensure that Clinical Epidemiology itself remains at the cutting edge and contributes to the solution of important clinical questions. Different models of collaboration are conceivable: Collaboration in consortia and research clusters or the organisation of research stays of interested clinicians in Clinical Epidemiology.

Labhardt, Briel, Kunz
Department of Clinical Epidemiology

Head: Prof. Dr. med. Niklaus Labhardt

  • Unit "International Clinical and Health Service Research (ICHSR)"
    Head: Prof. Niklaus Ladhardt
    (center image)
  • Unit "CLinical research Empirical Assessment and Recommendations (CLEAR)"
    Head: Prof. Matthias Briel
    (picture left)
  • Unit "Evidence-based insurance medicine (EbIM)"
    Head: Prof. Regina Kunz
    (picture right)
N. Labhardt



"We need good and competitive academic clinical research that fills evidence gaps in clinically relevant topics that are however neglected by industrial research. Academic research is therefore not in competition with industrial research, but complementary.

I consider pragmatic and effectiveness studies to be particularly relevant for healthcare in Switzerland, but also globally. These studies not only examine the effectiveness of a drug under ideal conditions, but also the acceptance, side effects and effectiveness of different therapeutic approaches in everyday life."

Prof. Niklaus Labhardt