• We are familiar with national and international legal regulations for human research and know which framework conditions must be adhered to in academic research.

  • We maintain regular cooperation and exchange with the competent authorities and abroad and are thus always up to date with the latest developments.

  • We advise and support a wide variety of clinical studies and research projects and continuously pass on our experience.

  • We have years of experience in the uniform classification of adverse drug events and adverse drug reactions according to the internationally recognized MedDRA® terminology.

    Our offers

    Project categorisation

    One of the many clarifications that must be obtained in the early phase of a clinical research project is to determine which category your project falls into under Swiss human research law. Approval and reporting obligations for your project depend on this categorisation.

    We help you with this categorisation and the definition of the steps to be derived with regard to regulatory affairs.

    Study approvals and registration

    In this phase, numerous preparations must be made for a successful start of the study. In order to obtain approval for your project, a number of clarifications and the preparation of various documents are required. We offer support with:

    • Regulatory review of all study documents (checking for formal aspects)
    • Preparation of patient information
    • Submission to ethics committees and Swissmedic, including handling of all communication. We also handle submissions abroad.
    • Study registration and maintenance of the contents in the study registries (Swiss National Trials Portal (SNCTP) and ClinicalTrials.gov)
    • Obtaining the insurance certificate
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    Study registration at the USB

    Increating transparency

    Amendments and safety reports

    While a research project is underway, changes in the study protocol or other documents may occur. We take care of submission these amendments and, if necessary, obtain re-approvals. We provide help with the preparation of the Annual Safety Reports for you and take care of the timely reporting to the Ethics Committees and other authorities.

    Pharmacovigilance and MedDRA Coding

    For drug safety monitoring in your clinical trial, we offer "Medical Monitoring". In addition to individual patient safety monitoring, this can include medical evaluation of the study protocol for feasibility and a pre-study risk analysis.

    We review the AEs/SAEs documented in the (e)CRF and undertake the medical interpretation of the data in exchange with the investigators. In addition, we can undertake the coding of the safety reports according to MedDRA terminology.

    MedDRA (Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities) is the basis for electronic data exchange and enables internationally uniform communication. The coding of data according to the MedDRA terminology is increasingly used by regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organisations and in the healthcare sector, for example in the documentation and monitoring of drug or medical device safety.


    In addition to collecting, processing and archiving relevant safety information, we also write reports and documents for sponsors and authorities.

    Close out & final documentation

    After completion of your research project, we will take care of all necessary documentation and deregister the project correctly.

    Application of the Research Consent

    Support in the implementation of the research consent

    In order to be allowed to use health-related data and samples that arise in routine clinical practice for research, the consent of the patients concerned is required. The processes for implementation of this research consent at the University Hospital Basel have been established by the DKF. If you have any questions or need support in implementing the research consent in your department, we will be happy to assist you.

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    More information & documents

    Research Consent

    Obtaining health-related data for research projects

    We provide you with access to relevant patient data that is generated in the hospital's routine clinical operations. Requests for research projects that fall under the Human Research Act can be made online using our contact form.

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