(MD-)PhD Clinical Research

The (MD-)PhD Clinical Research programme at the Medical Faculty of the University of Basel offers graduates in human medicine and natural sciences a doctoral programme that is unique in Switzerland.

Candidates with a Master's degree in human medicine or life sciences (sports sciences, biochemistry, biology, biostatistics, biotechnology, biochemistry, epidemiology, nursing sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, psychology, public health, insurance medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry) can be admitted to the programme PhD Clinical Research. It leads to the acquisition of the title Dr. sc. med. Clinical Research.

Candidates who have completed a Master's degree in medicine can also apply for an MD-PhD Clinical Research with acquisition of the titles Dr. med. and Dr. sc. med. Ideally, these candidates will have already experience in clinical research, e.g. a master's thesis in clinical research, participation in relevant summer schools or research programs during the elective year. Medical students can be provisionally admitted to the MD-PhD programme after the content of their Master's thesis has been completed.

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