PhD Program Health Sciences (PPHS)

This programme for PhD students in the health sciences offers specific courses, financing options and the possibility of professional networking. The membership is voluntary.

What is PPHS and why should you consider becoming a member?

PhD program Health Sciences (PPHS) is a training and networking platform for PhD students of the following disciplines at the University of Basel:

  • Epidemiology (Faculty of Natural Sciences)
  • Clinical Research
  • Drug Development
  • Nursing Sciences
  • Public Health/Epidemiology incl. insurance medicine
  • Sports Science (Medical Faculty) at the University of Basel

Since 2020, students in the doctoral disciplines of cell biology and microbiology can also register with PPHS if their doctoral topic is in the field of infection biology.

PPHS offers:

  • structured learning environment (minimal standards)
  • free courses (e.g. in methodology, scientific writing, career development and ethical issues, summer school)
  • financial support for external courses
  • events (e.g. Welcome Day, PhD Day)
  • Top-up and renewal grants
  • Funding for student activities
  • PPHS certificate, as a supplement to the PhD degrees awarded by the Medical Faculty of the University of Basel

A membership, therefore, offers numerous advantages and is therefore highly recommended.