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SNSF project fundiung for Prof. Sabina Hunziker


DKF Research Group Leader Prof. Sabina Hunziker, MPH, Dr. Christoph Becker and Dr. Julia Katharina Beck (Medical Communication, Psychosomatics / USB) have received SNF project funding for their study "Checklist-guided shared decision-making for code status discussions in medical inpatients A cluster-randomized multicenter trial". The study is being conducted at five Swiss university hospitals.

The study will investigate whether a communication checklist with information on prognosis, as well as advantages and disadvantages of resuscitation can improve shared decision making on the question of resuscitation status in hospital patients. The quality of decision making, patient knowledge and patient satisfaction with the decision are also reviewed. Especially in times of COVID-19 this is an important question, which could change the future practice in a sustainable way.