Outpatient Study Centre (ASZ)

We offer premises away from the daily routine of the clinic for the outpatient or inpatient care and treatment of study participants. Connection to the emergency service is guaranteed.


7 Examination rooms

Care & treatment of study participants


Laboratory equipment

Use of instruments & consumables



Storage of samples & medication

Our offers


Our premises on the campus the University Hospital Basel are located in Bettenhaus 3 at Schanzenstrasse 55. We provide infrastructure for the care and treatment of study participants. The treatment rooms are equipped with examination chairs or patient beds. Inpatient care is possible and connection to the emergency service is guaranteed.

Furthermore, a laboratory room with pipetting area and sufficient space for medication preparation and sample processing is available. Temperature-controlled intermediate storage space of study medication and samples of any kind at room temperature, in the refrigerator or in freezers (-20º C and  -80º C) is avaulable. possible.

Support for study teams

Anyone wishing to use the ASZ is introduced to all processes and the use of the equipment by our On Site Management team. The standards at the ASZ correspond to the current
regulations for quality assurance and all official requirements.

If desired, our team can also support you and your study team in the planning and conduct of your study. Our traind staff will take over the entire, partial or representative activities within your study.

For further information & questions

Paediatric Research Centre (PRC) at UKBB

The University Children's Hospital of Basel (UKBB) also has a specially trained team available to provide practical help and professional support in the implementation of selected clinical trials with children and adolescents. It is part of the Swiss Pediatric Research Network Swiss PedNet.