Viola Heinzelmann-Schwarz

Prof. Viola
Heinzelmann-Schwarz, MD

Head of Gynaecological Clinic
Head of Gynaecological Tumour Centre
Head of Department Gynecology / Gynecologic Oncology

University Hospital Basel

Phone +41 61 265 90 99



Research Focus

Oncology & Hematology

Area of Research

Ovarian cancer, gynecological oncology

Approved Research Projects


2022-        Molecular profiling and drug prediction in ovarian cancer patients

2021-        Vorhersage eines möglichen Ansprechens der Immun-Checkpoint-Inhibitoren-Therapie durch PD-L1 Antikörper beim Eierstockkrebs.

2020-        Tumor Profiler (Roche Schweiz AG, ETH Zurich, University Basel, University Zurich, Lotte und Adolf Hotz-Sprenger Stiftung, Baugarten Stiftung, Stiftung für naturwissenschaftliche und technische Forschung.

2019-        MATAO Clinical Trial (NCT04111978) (KFS Swiss Cancer Research, Anticancer Fund, Stiftung Fürstlicher Kommerzienrat Giudo Feger.

2019-        PHRT Pioneer Project: Dissect longitudinal evolutionary trajectories in ovarian cancer patients using integrated proteo-genomics.


Besides her clinical research activities Prof. Viola Heinzelmann-Schwarz also leads the “Ovarian Cancer Translational Research Group” at the Department of Biomedicine and as such is closely involved in research projects with patient-related aspects: these projects include studies with patient material (e.g. tumor tissue, circulating tumor cells, blood, ascites), the use of clinic-pathological data from patients, and molecular and epidemiological databases.

2021-        Multimodal single-cell surfaceome and transcriptome profiling of longitudinal high-grade ovarian cancer ascites samples.

2021-        Innovative ovarian cancer zPDX models for prediction of treatment regime outcomes in precision medicine.


National Collaborations

  • MATAO Trial Swiss study centers
  • EXPRESSION Trials Swiss study centers
  • Tumor Profiler Consortium TPC (ETH Zurich, University Hospital Basel, University of Zurich)
  • University of Zurich (Prof. A. Wicki)
  • Geneva University Hospital HUG (PD Dr. I. Labidi-Galy)
  • ETH Zurich (Prof. N. Aceto, Prof. B. Bodenmiller)
  • ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Dr. S. Wieser)
  • Swiss GO Trial Group (Swiss-GO)

International Collaborations

  • MATAO trial study centers in Germany and Austria
  • University of New South Wales, Prince of Wales Cancer Centre in Sydney (Prof. M. Friedlander)
  • Lowy Cancer Research Centre, University of New South Wales (Dr. C. Ford)
  • European Network of Gynecological and Oncological Trial Groups (ENGOT)
  • ESMO-ESGO Ovarian Cancer Consensus Conference Working Group

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Tumor Profiler - Molecular dissection of melanoma, ovarian cancer, and AML to genetically and molecularly dissect the tumors on single-cell level as support for clinicians in the best choice of therapy (Tumor Profiler Consortium)
  • MATAO Clinical Trial - MAintenance Therapy with Aromatase inhibitor in epithelial Ovarian cancer (MATAO): a randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled multi-center phase III Trial (NCT04111978): PI Prof. Heinzelmann-Schwarz; Sponsor: Swiss GO Trial Group (
  • Potential of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy as a rapid, non-invasive diagnostic test in urine for endometrial and ovarian cancer: a proof-of-concept (Tilemachos Kavvadias)

Research Team

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Anett Jacob

Study Coordinator

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Christian Kurzeder
Prof. Christian Kurzeder, MD

Chief Physician

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Céline Montavon
Céline Montavon, PhD

Senior Physician

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Fabienne Schwab
Fabienne Schwab, MD

Senior Physician

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Tibor Zwimpfer, MD

Resident Physician, Research Fellow

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Claudine Bommer
Claudine Bommer

Clinical Trial Management

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Bernhard Fellmann
Bernhard Fellmann, MD

Head Physician

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Tilemachos Kavvadias
Tilemachos Kavvadias, MD

Senior Physician

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Isabell Ge, MD

Resident Physician, Complementary Medicine

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André Kind, MD

Deputy Chief Physician

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Diego Calabrese
Diego Calabrese, PhD

Head Histology Core Facility

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Maren Vogel
Maren Vogel, PhD

Clinical Trial Management

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Pamela McLaughlin
Pamela McLaughlin, PhD

Clinical Trial Management

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Alessandra Tozzi, PhD

Resident Physician, Research Fellow

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Franziska Geissler, MD

Resident Physician, Research Fellow

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