Walter Paul Weber

Prof. Dr. med.
Walter Paul Weber

Head of division Breast Surgery

University Hospital Basel

Phone +41 61 328 61 49


Research Focus

Oncology & Hematology

Area of Research

Surgical Oncology with a focus on breast cancer, as well as the prevention of surgical wound infections and onco-plastic breast surgery. In addition to oncological safety, very good cosmetic results are to be achieved with the corresponding satisfaction and quality of life of the patients. Furthermore, research in the field of armpit surgery to avoid overtreatment of breast cancer patients. 

Approved Research Projects

PrincipaI Investigator of SystemsX / Swiss National Science Foundation project “MetastasiX”: Systems biology of breast cancer


PrincipaI Investigator of multicenter SSI RCT “Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Optimal Timing of Surgical Antimicrobial Prophylaxis”  (NCT01790529;; grants from Swiss National Science Foundation, Forschungsfonds Universität Basel, Hippocrate Stiftung, Gottfried und Julia Bangerter-Rhyner-Stiftung)


National Collaborations


  • Scientific committee St. Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference
  • Vice-president, Swiss Society of Senology
  • Advisory board and surgeon representative within the Swiss Society of Senology
  • 2014 Co-founder of the Basel Breast Consortium:


International Collaborations

Ongoing Research Projects

Sponsor-Investigator of the OPBC-02/PREPEC trial “Pre- versus sub-pectoral implant-based breast reconstruction after skin-sparing mastectomy or nipple-sparing mastectomy” (NCT04293146; funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Investigator initiated clinical trials (IICT) call 2018, the propatient Forschungsstiftung, the Swiss Cancer League, and the Krebsliga beider Basel.


Coordinating PI of the SAKK/GBG/ABCSG/IBCSG TAXIS trial “Tailored axillary surgery with or without axillary lymph node dissection followed by radiotherapy in patients with clinically node-positive breast cancer”(NCT03513614,

Research Team

Liliana Castrezana López, PhD

Research fellow

Phone +41 61 556 53 65

Maite Gabriele Goldschmidt

Research Fellow

Phone -

Janna Krol, PhD

Research fellow

Phone +41 61 328 57 64

Mariacarla Andreozzi, PhD

Research Fellow


Rahel Lea Nussbaumer, PhD

Research fellow

Phone +41 61 328 78 53