Matthias Johannes Betz

PD Dr. med.
Matthias Johannes Betz

Senior physician
Head of Translational Metabolism

University Hospital Basel

Phone +41 61 556 56 54



Research Focus

Endocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders

Area of Research

Our research is focused on the endocrine factors involved in human thermogenesis and energy metabolism. Specifically, we investigate human brown adipose tissue and cold induced thermogenesis.

Approved Research Projects

2015 – 2018 Research grant, Goldschmid-Jacobson Foundation / Medical Faculty, University of Basel
2015 Young Independent Investigator Grant of the Swiss Society for Endocrinology and Diabetes (SGED)
2016 SNSF ambizione SCORE grant for research project on influence of glucocorticoids on human brown adipose tissue
2017 Grant from Bangerter-Rhyner foundation for research project on brown adipose tissue


    National Collaborations
    - Prof. Christian Wolfrum, Department of Health Sciences and Technology, ETH-Zürich
    - Prof. Nicola Zamboni, Institute of Systems Biology, ETH-Zürich
    - PD Dr. Irene Burger, Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital Zurich

    International Collaborations
    - Prof. Sven Enerbäck, University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska Akademin

    Ongoing Research Projects

    GlucoBAT Trial: Influence of short-term high dose glucocorticoid administration on brown adipose tissue function (NCT03269747)

    HEAT Trial: Influence of anti-adrenergic therapy on energy metabolism in patients with primary hyperthyroidism (NCT03379181)

    ABAT Study: Evaluation of peri-adrenal adipose tissue

    MATCH-Study: Metabolomics of Thyroid Hormones in Humans

    Research Team

    Isabel Maria Geng

    Study Nurse

    Phone +41 61 328 60 70


    Dr. med. Claudia Irene Maushart

    Post-Doc / Physician

    Phone +41 61 328 63 89


    Rahel Catherina Löliger

    Physician / MD Student

    Phone +41 61 328 57 43


    Fabienne Bur

    Master Student

    Phone +41 61 265 26 91