Eleonora Seelig

Dr. med.
Eleonora Seelig

Senior Physician
Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

University Hospital Basel

Phone +41 61 328 60 73



Research Focus

Endocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders

Area of Research

Investigating the role of endogenous glucocorticoids in obesity to potentially find new treatment targets for the metabolic syndrome

Approved Research Projects

2021 - 2024   SNSF Ambizione SCORE grant for acute and chronic effects of glucocorticoids in energy homeostasis


National Collaborations

International Collaborations

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Gluco-Food - The acute response of glucocorticoids upon food intake in lean and obese subjects
  • Gluco-Met – Counteracting deleterious metabolic glucocorticoid effects with metformin

Research Team

Susanne Thierry

Research Fellow

Phone +41 61 328 60 73

Seeger Lucia 

Study Nurse

Phone  +41 61 328 56 92