Arnaud Scherberich

Prof. Dr. Arnaud Scherberich

Research Group Leader
Department Biomedicine

University Hospital Basel

+41 61 265 23 78



Research Focus

Regenerative Medicine & Biomechanics

Area of Research

My research team investigates the biology and therapeutic potential of adipose-derived cells for regenerative applications and aims to extend them into clinical trials. The main research topics are:

1) Engineering of tissues, in particular bone and cartilage, by innovative cell culture models of human adipose-derived cells, and investigation of the processes involved,

2) Use of the vasculogenic properties of adipose-derived cells to improve the in vivo engraftment of cells and engineered tissues,

3) Priming and activation of the function of engineered matrices by adipose-derived cells,

4) Importance of adipose-cells in the engraftment of adipose tissue upon lipotransfer. One of the strategies led to a Phase I clinical study on bone augmentation in fractures from osteoporotic patients.

Approved Research Projects

Bone prefabrication for osteonecrosis    Scherberich, Arnaud    Complete
NANOTRANSMED: Innovationen in der Nanomedizin - von der Diagnose zur Implantologie    Scherberich, Arnaud    Complete
Modulation of pre-vascularization in osteogenic tissue engineered grafts    Scherberich, Arnaud    Complete
Generation of a mesenchymal niche - Importance of CD34    Scherberich, Arnaud    Complete
Vascularization of tissue engineered grafts    Scherberich, Arnaud    Complete


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