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/ eClinicalMedicine

Head-to-head comparison of the WHO STEPwise approach with immediate unattended and delayed unattended automated blood pressure measurements during household-based screening: a diagnostic accuracy study in Lesotho

Firima E, Retselisitsoe L, Leisa I, Manthabiseng M, Sematle MP, Bane M, Khomolishoele M, Gonzalez L, Gupta R, McCrosky S, Lee T, Chammartin F, Leigh B, Weisser M, Amstutz A, Burkard T, Labhardt N.

/ Clinical Infectious Diseases

Antiretroviral drug exposure and response in obese and morbidly obese people with HIV: a study combining modelling and Swiss HIV Cohort data

Berton M, Bettonte S, Stader F, Decosterd L, Tarr PE, Livio F, Cavassini M, Braun DL, Kusejko K, Hachfeld A, Bernasconi E, Calmy A, Schmid P, Battegay M, Marzolini C.

/ Stroke

Biomarker, Imaging, and Clinical Factors Associated With Overt and Covert Stroke in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation.

De Marchis GM, Krisai P, Werlen L, Sinnecker T, Aeschbacher S, Dittrich TD, Polymeris AA, Coslovksy M, Blum MR, Rodondi N, Reichlin T, Moschovitis G, Wuerfel J, Lyrer PA, Fischer U, Conen D, Kastner P, Ziegler A, Osswald S, Kühne M, Bonati…

/ Critical Care

Sex-related differences in adult patients with status epilepticus: a seven-year two-center observation

Baumann SM, De Stefano P, Kliem PSC, Grzonka P, Gebhard CE, Sarbu OE, De Marchis GM, Hunziker S, Rüegg S, Kleinschmidt A, Pugin J, Quintard H, Marsch S, Seeck M, Sutter R.

/ Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

Randomized Trial to Assess the Clinical Utility of Renal Allograft Monitoring by Urine CXCL10 Chemokine.

Hirt-Minkowski P, Handschin J, Stampf S, Hopfer H, Menter T, Senn L, Hönger G, Wehmeier C, Amico P, Steiger J, Koller M, Dickenmann M, Schaub S.

Incidence and outcome of perforations during medium vessel occlusion compared with large vessel occlusion thrombectomy.

Schulze-Zachau V, Brehm A, Ntoulias N, Krug N, Tsogkas I, Blackham KA, Möhlenbruch MA, Jesser J, Cervo A, Kreiser K, Althaus K, Maslias E, Michel P, Saliou G, Riegler C, Nolte CH, Maier I, Jamous A, Rautio R, Ylikotila P, Fargen KM, Wolfe…

/ The Lancet Neurology

Serum neurofilament light chain reference database for individual application in paediatric care: a retrospective modelling and validation study

Abdelhak A, Petermeier F, Benkert P, Schädelin S, Oechtering J, Maleska Maceski A, Kabesch M, Geis T, Laub O, Leipold G, Gobbi C, Zecca C, Green A, Tumani H, Willemse E, Wiendl H, Granziera C, Kappos L, Leppert D, Waubant E, Wellmann S,…

/ J Med Internet Res

Wearable Sensor Technologies to Assess Motor Functions in People With Multiple Sclerosis: Systematic Scoping Review and Perspective.

Woelfle T, Bourguignon L, Lorscheider J, Kappos L, Naegelin Y, Jutzeler CR.

/ European Journal of Heart Failure

Sex-specific differences in myocardial injury incidence after COVID-19 mRNA-1273 Booster Vaccination.

Buergin N, Lopez-Ayala P, Hirsiger JR, Mueller P, Median D, Glarner N, Rumora K, Herrmann T, Koechlin L, Haaf P, Rentsch K, Battegay M, Banderet F, Berger CT, Mueller C.

/ Stroke

Tranexamic Acid for Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Patients on Non-Vitamin K Antagonist Oral Anticoagulants (TICH-NOAC): A Multicenter, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 2 Trial.

Polymeris AA, Karwacki GM, Siepen BM, Schaedelin S, Tsakiris DA, Stippich C, Guzman R, Nickel CH, Sprigg N, Kägi G, Vehoff J, Barinka F, Thilemann S, Maurer M, Wagner B, Traenka C, Gensicke H, De Marchis GM, Bonati LH, Fischer U, Z'Graggen…