Thomas Daikeler

Prof. Dr. med.
Thomas Daikeler

Senior physician Rheumatology
Lead of the Vasculitis clinic 
Lead of the clinic for Young adults with rheumtological diseases
Deputy head of the interdisciplinary centre of immunology pf the University Hospital Basel 
Member of VASAS (Vasculitis organization Switzerland)

University Hospital Basel

Phone +41 61 328 74 81



Research Focus

Immunology & Infectious Diseases

Area of Research

Diagnostic and disease activity assessment in primary vasculitis and polymyalgia. Focus on quantitative imaging and biomarker.
Pathogenesis, epidemiology and outcome of gout.
Young patients with rheumatic diseases in between pediatric and adult care.

Approved Research Projects

  • Imaging and biomarker studies in patients of the local giant cell arteritis cohort (local grants)
  • Implementation and validation of a structured transition program for adolescent patients with rheumatic diseases (Palatin Stiftung, GGG)
  • A structured nurse led patient management program to improve outcomes in gout: A randomized controlled trial (Hedwig Widmer Stiftung)
  • Longitundal imaging in patients with large vessel vasculitis to predict further disease course (Schweizer Stiftung für die Erforschung der Muskelerkrankungen)
  • Prevalence and risk factors for large vessel inflammation in patients with polymyalgia (Schweizer Stiftung für die Erforschung der Muskelerkrankungen)


National Collaborations

  • Local DBM Group PD Dr. Berger, Institute of Pharmacy Uni Basel Prof Alex Odermatt
  • SCQM

International Collaborations

  • European group for Vasculitis research (EUVAS)
  • Diagnosis and classification of vasculitides study (DCVAS)
  • EBMT
  • OMERACT group for imaging in GCA

Ongoing Research Projects

A prospective randomized study to evaluate a nurse led program for gout patients-ongoing (

Project Title: Longitudinal imaging in patients with large vessel vasculitis to predict further disease course-ongoing

Subclinical vasculitis in patients with new onset polymyalgia: a systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysis-submitted for publication (doi:10.17605/OSF.IO/749RY).

Comparing PMR, GCA and control patients in respect to diagnostic findings-a retrospective local cohort study

Research Team

Dr. med. Bettina Bannert

Study Physician
Rheumatology Clinic

Phone +41 61 556 50 17

Mary Louise Daly

Transition coordinator

Phone +41 61 556 5432

Dr. med. Mihaela Stegert

Research Fellow

Phone +41 61 295 89 89

Dr Philipp Köhn


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Dr. Lut Berben


Phone +41 61 328 54 37

Andrea Hemming

PhD Studentin

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