Study Management Apps - efficient handling of complex studies

These mobile web applications provide up-to-date information on relevant study activities in real time, helping study teams to keep track of the progress in their studies.

Where is recruitment going well, ehich centre face drop-outs, how many patients have already completed the study? This type of information has to be gathered laboriously and repeatedly in the day-to-day running of a clinical study. Especially in large, multi-center clinical studies, it is essential for the responsible persons to have a good overview of all study activities at all times in order to be able to take timely control or corrective action.

These experiences were the basis for the development of a dynamic web application by the DKF Data Science team. The resulting apps are now being used successfully by several study teams. They replace the usual manually prepared statistics on recruitment and visit status of individual study centres. The study management apps provide data on the progress of the respective study in real time and in a visual format.

Two examples:


ESTREL: Enhancement ofSTrokeREhabilitationwith Levodopa: A randomized controlled trial

Project partners
DKF research group Stefan Engelter, Dr. med. Christoph Tränka

Study centres coverd

Study participants covered
Currently 464
Planned 610

Registered users

DKF support
Requirements analysis, application development, validation of software products, hostig & operation


OPBC-02 PREPEC:PRE- versus sub-PECtoral implant-based breast reconstruction after skin- and nipple-sparing mastectomy: A pragmatic, multicenter, randomized, superiority trial

Project partners
DKF research group Walter P. Weber

Study centers covered

Study participants covered
Currently 369
Planned 372

Registered users

DKF support
Requirements analysis, application development, validation of software products, hostig & operation.

Outlook: Centralised Monitoring

In addition to its function as a study management tool, the application will also be used as a basis for centralised monitoring in the future. This refers to the control of important study processes and parameters without the physical presence of a clinical monitor at the study center. Integrating these functions into the existing app is an important component of the development.

The app can also be adapted for other projects in the future. Interested research groups are welcome to contact DKF in this regard.

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January 2023