Clinical Research Groups

At our department, more than 130 clinical research groups are continuously dedicated to explore important research questions from everyday clinical practice. They are supported upon request by our experts in the various disciplines of academic clinical research.

Here, you will find an overview of all clinical researchers at the DKF and of their focal areas.

Research GroupsMain Focus
Bassetti, StefanoClinical Epidemiology, Public Health & Health Systems
Badertscher, PatrickCardiovascular & Perioperative Medicine
Battegay, ManuelImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Berger, ChristophImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Bernsmeier, ChristineImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Bielicki, Julia AnnaImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Betz, MatthiasEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Bingisser, RolandCritical Care & Respiratory Medicine
Bonati, LeoNeurology
Briel, MatthiasClinical Epidemiology, Public Health & Health Systems
Cajochen, ChristianPsychiatry
Christ, EmanuelEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Christ-Crain, MirjamEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Daikeler, ThomasImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Datta, AlexandreNeurology
De Marchis, Gian MarcoNeurology
Dell-Kuster, SalomeCardiovascular & Perioperative Medicine
Dieterle, ThomasCardiovascular & Perioperative Medicine
Donath, MarcEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
D'Souza, MarcusNeurology
Eckert, AnnePsychiatry
Eckstein, JensCardiovascular & Perioperative Medicine
Egli, AdrianImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Elger, BerniceClinical Epidemiology, Public Health & Health Systems
Engelter, StefanNeurology
Fani, MelpomeniOncology & Hematology
Filges, IsabelEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Filippi, AndreasRegenerative Medicine & Biomechanics
Fischer, DirkNeurology
Fischer, UrsNeurology
Frey, UrsCritical Care & Respiratory Medicine
Fuhr, PeterNeurology
Gaab, JensPsychiatry
Gros, StephanieOncology & Hematology
Hartmann, KarinImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Heim, MarkusRegenerative Medicine & Biomechanics
Heininger, UlrichImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Heinzelmann-Schwarz, ViolaOncology & Hematology
Hemkens, Lars G.Clinical Epidemiology, Public Health & Health Systems
Hirsch, HansImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Hirschmann, MichaelRegenerative Medicine & Biomechanics
Holland-Cunz, StefanImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Huber, ChristianPsychiatry
Hunziker Schütz, SabinaCritical Care & Respiratory Medicine
Hutter, GregorOncology & Hematology
Huwyler, JörgClinical Pharmacology
Kappos, ElisabethOncology & Hematology
Kappos, LudwigNeurology
Katan, MiraNeurology
Katapodi, MariaClinical Epidemiology, Public Health & Health Systems
Khanna Gremmelmaier, NinaImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Koller, MichaelImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Kopp Lugli, AndreaCardiovascular & Perioperative Medicine
Kressig, Reto W.Neurology
Künzli, NinoClinical Epidemiology, Public Health & Health Systems
Kuhle, JensNeurology
Kühne, MichaelCardiovascular & Perioperative Medicine
Kühne, ThomasOnkology & Hematology
Kunz, ReginaClinical Epidemiology, Public Health & Health Systems
Kyburz, DiegoImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Lang, UndinePsychiatry
Labhardt, NiklausClinical Epidemiology, Public Health & Health Systems
Läubli, HeinzOncology & Hematology
Leuppi, Jörg D.Critical Care & Respiratory Medicine
Leuppi-Taegtmeyer, AnneClinical Pharmacology
Liechti, MatthiasClinical Pharmacology
Lyrer, PhilippeNeurology
Marsano, AnnaRegenerative Medicine & Biomechanics
Marsch, StephanCritical Care & Respiratory Medicine
Martin, IvanRegenerative Medicine & Biomechanics
Marzolini, CatiaClinical Pharmacology
Meier, ChristianEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Meinlschmidt, GuntherClinical Epidemiology, Public Health & Health Systems
Meyer-Gerspach, Anne ChristinEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Monsch, AndreasNeurology
Müller, BeatEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Müller, ChristianCardiovascular & Perioperative Medicine
Müller, Andreas AlbertRegenerative Medicine & Biomechanics
Müller, BertRegenerative Medicine & Biomechanics
Mündermann, AnnegretRegenerative Medicine & Biomechanics
Navarini, AlexanderImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Netzer, CordulaRegenerative Medicine & Biomechanics
Niess, JanImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Osthoff, Michael FriedrichImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Papadopoulou, AthinaNeurology
Passweg, JakobOncology & Hematology
Peterli, RalphEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Pfister, MarcClinical Pharmacology
Probst-Hensch, NicoleClinical Epidemiology, Public Health & Health Systems
Pröbstel, Anne-KatrinNeurology
Psychogios, Marios-NikosNeurology
Puelacher, ChristianCardiovascular & Perioperative Medicine
Refardt, JulieEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Rentsch, CyrillOncology & Hematology
Ritz, NicoleImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Schaub, StefanImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Scherberich, ArnaudRegenerative Medicine & Biomechanics
Schläger, ReginaNeurology
Schmeck, KlausPsychiatry
Schmid, MarcPsychiatry
Schmidt, AndréPsychiatry
Schmidt-Trucksäss, ArnoCardiovascular & Perioperative Medicine
Scholl, HendrikNeurology
Schütz, PhilippEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Schulzke, SvenCritical Care & Respiratory Medicine
Seelig, EleonoraEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Siegemund, MartinCritical Care & Respiratory Medicine
Soleman, JehudaNeurology
Stadler, ChristinaPsychiatry
Staub, DanielCardiovascular & Perioperative Medicine
Steiger, Jürg & Koller, MichaelImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Steiner, LuziusCardiovascular & Perioperative Medicine
Sticherling, ChristianCardiovascular & Perioperative Medicine
Stolz, DaianaCritical Care & Respiratory Medicine
Sutter, Raoul Ch.Neurology
Szinnai, GaborEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Tarr, PhilipImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Thieringer, Florian M.Regenerative Medicine & Biomechanics
Trendelenburg, MartenImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Tschudin Sutter, SarahImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Van den Anker, JohannesClinical Pharmacology
von der Weid, NicolasOncology & Hematology
von Strauss und Torney, MarcoClinical Epidemiology, Public Health & Health Systems
Walker, UlrichImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Weber, PeterNeurology
Weber, Walter PaulOncology & Hematology
Wetterauer, ChristianOncology & Hematology
Winzeler, BettinaEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Wild, DamianOncology & Hematology
Wölnerhanssen, BettinaEndocrinology, Metabolism & Developmental Disorders
Yaldizli, ÖzgürNeurology
Zeller, AndreasImmunology & Infectious Diseases
Zitzmann, NicolaRegenerative Medicine & Biomechanics